Clinical Experience Mentors

The fellow will meet with the faculty member for a preclinical orientation and didactic session which will inform the fellow of what to expect and what they might learn from this experience. During the clinical exposure, and in a didactic session following the clinical experience, the faculty member and fellow will discuss the relevance of the clinical observations to cardiovascular research issues. At one of the RIPs, trainees will share their translational clinical experiences with the group.

This list of clinicians has agreed to allow trainees to join them in the clinic. Clinical/observation experiences may be arranged with other faculty members.

Name; Telephone; Email IDDepartment and Title of Translational Research ExperienceResearch InterestClinical Interest
Ailawadi, Gorav (MD); 4-5052; ga3fSurgeryAortic aneurysms, basic science, valve disease, cardiopulmonary bypass induced injury, Abdominal aortic aneurysm formationValvular disease, Aortic aneurysms and dissections, Reoperative Surgery, Off pump CABG, Minimally invasive cardiac surgery, Cardiopulmonary bypass
Bourque, Jamie (MD); 2-4270; jmb8tMedicine and Radiology (focus in Cardiovascular disease): Prevalence and Correlation of Abnormal Flow Reserve by Stress CMR and Non-Obstructive CAD by Cardiac CT in Symptomatic Diabetics: What is the Optimal Risk Stratification Method?Microvascular disease, comparative effectiveness, and patient-centered outcomes in coronary artery diseaseCoronary artery disease, noninvasive imaging and risk stratification, and dive medicine
Gimple, Larry (MD); 4-9591; lwg9qCardiologyMechanisms of restenosis following vascular interventions. New educational teaching tools using multimedia and digital techniquesInterventional cardiology
Kramer, Christopher (MD); 2-4270; cmk2nCardiology: Translational Cardiovascular ImagingCardiac MRI in ischemic heart disease in animal models and in man. Myocardial viability in acute and chronic ischemic heart disease. LV remodeling after myocardial infarction. Imaging of atherosclerosis and coronary artery diseaseGeneral cardiology, ischemic heart disease, cardiac imaging, cardiac MRI and CT, echocardiography
Matsumoto, Allan (MD); 4-9279; ahm4dRadiology & Medical ImagingAtherosclerotic (humans and mice) and non-atherosclerotic vascular disease (human); device testing and development; clinical outcomes; clinical trials for FDA trialsPeripheral arterial, mesenteric arterial, renovascular and aortic disease; hypertension & ischemic nephropathy; fibromuscular dysplasia
McDaniel, Nancy L (MD); 4-9148; nlm9mPediatric CardiologyGrowth and development in children with congenital heart diseaseCardiac transplantation
McGahren, Eugene D (MD); 4-5643; edm6kSurgery: Observation of clinical practice of Pediatric SurgeryPulmonary microcirculationGeneral pediatric surgery, including neck, chest, abdominal conditions
Moorman, Randall J (MD); 2-3367; rm3hCardiologyMolecular biology of ion channels; Modulation of cardiac excitability by signal transduction processes; Heart rate variabilityCardiology and Cardiac Catheterization; Ischemic Heart Disease
Taylor, Angela (MD); 3-9396; amt6bInterventional CardiologyMicrovascular disease, women`s heart disease, novel mechanisms of atherosclerosis and atheroprotection in humans, phenotyping human coronary diseaseWomen`s heart disease, diabetes, interventional cardiology