Trainees (2005-2015 shown alphabetically)

Trainee, Year of Entry Prior Degree & Institution (Mentor - Department/ program)Title of Research Project or Research TopicDegree(s) Received (Year)Current Position and Institution (grant support obtained)
Adamson, S.,~ 2006 BA, Princeton University, (Leitinger-Pharmacology)Pannexin 1 is a novel regulator of adipose tissue glucose and lipid homeostasis Graduate student, Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Alexander, M.~, 2001 BS, Duke Univ, (Owens-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Role of interleukin-1 in atherosclerotic plaque stability and smooth muscle cell phenotypic modulationPhD (2011)Internal Medicine Resident, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN
Armstrong (Wojcik), A., 2005 BS, Univ of Deleware, (Hedrick-Pharmacology)The role of the ATP-binding cassette transporter G1 (ABCG1) in macrophage inflammationPhD (2009)Science Director - Business Development, Hemoshear, Charlottesville VA
Balasubramanian, N., 2000 PhD, Univ of Bombay of Mumbai India, (Schwartz-Microbiology)Adhesion dependent signaling, role of membrane raft microdomain trafficking Assistant Professor, Biology, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, India (Ramalingaswami Fellowship, Department of Biotechnology, India, Wellcome Trust-DBT Alliance Sr Res Fellowship 2011-2016)
Basit, A.#, 1985 MD, Nishtar Medical Coll, (Ley, Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Role of Adhesion Molecules and Chemokines in Lung InflammationPhD (2006)Physician, Critical Care Medicine, Cincinnati VA Medical Center, Cincinnati OH
Basting, T., 2012 BS, Lafayette College (Guyenet-Neuroscience)Hypocapnic Hypoxia Silences the Retrotrapezoid Nucleus (RTN)  In training, Graduate student, Univ of Virginia
Batts, T., 2001 PhD, Virginia Tech, (Murphy, Patel-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Ca2+ dependent phosphorylation of the myosin regulatory light chain is accepted as the primary mechanism regulating contraction of smooth muscle in response to ecitatory stimuli Respiratory Specialist, Merck
Biwer, L., 2009 BS, Baylor University (Isakson-Molecular Physiology)Calreticulin as a regulator of endothelial and smooth muscle cell communication Graduate student, Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Boerboom, L., 2008 BBE, University of Minnesota, (Blackman-Biomedical Engineering)Regulation of Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype by Hemodynamics on Endothelial Cells during Development of AtherosclerosisPhD (2013)Quality Engineer, St. Jude Medical, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Brinkman, C., 2010 PhD, Univ of Virginia, (Engelhard-Microbiology)The role of T cell-vascular endothelium interactions in CD8 T cell homing to peripheral tissues and tumors Postdoc Fellow, Univ of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore MD
Butcher, J., 2013 PhD, West Virginia University (Isakson-Physiology)The Role of Hemoglobin Alpha on Blood Pressure Current Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ of Virginia
Call, J., 2011 PhD, Univ of Minnesota (Yan-Muscle Physiology)Skeletal muscle-heart crosstalk in prevention of diabetic cardiomyopathy Assistant Professor, Univ of Georgia (AHA postdoctoral fellow)
Chain, K., 2009 BS, Louisiana Tech University (Yan- Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics)p38 regulation of high fat diet induced insulin resistanceMS (2014)Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Teacher, The Peabody School
Conway, D., 2009 PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology/Emory Univ, (Schwartz-Microbiology)Measuring forces at endothelial cell junctions under shear stress Asst Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University
Deaton, R., 2004 PhD, Univ of North Texas, (Owens-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)PDGF-BB decreases expression of the full repertoire of SMC marker genes through a KLF4 dependant mechanism Stay at home mom/still publishing (AHA postdoctoral fellow)
Deem, T., 2005 PhD, Univ of Cincinnati, (Ley-Immunology)Role of monocyte subsets in atherosclerosis Assistant Professor of Biology, Bridgewater College
DeLalio, L., 2013 MS, Northeastern University (Isakson-Pharmacology)Alpha1-Adrenergic Receptor Mediated Pannexin 1 Activation In training, Graduate student, Univ of Virginia
DePuy, S., 2007 PhD, Univ of Virginia, (Guyenet-Pharmacology)Mechanisms of action of angiotensin-II on C1 neurons Postdoctoral Scientist, Eli Lilly and Company
Dhanaliwala, A.~, 2007 BSE, University of Pennsylvania, (Hossack-Biomedical Engineering) Acoustically active red blood cells as an ultrasound contrast agentPhD (2014)MSTP student, PhD Complete, in medical training, Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Doran, A.~, 2001 BS, Wellesley Coll, (McNarmara-Molecular Medicine)Id3 regulation of AtherosclerosisPhD (2009), MD (2011)Internist-Cardiology specialty, AIM Clinic, New York City, NY
Dorfman, J.~, 2000 BA, Georgetown Univ, (Somlyo-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Nuclear Transport and Regulation of the Tumor Suppressor KB1PhD (2008), MD (2009)Psychiatry Clinical Fellow, NIH/NIMH, Bethesda MD
Downs, E., 2012 MD, University of Virginia (Ailawadi-Cardiovascular Surgery)Anisotropic Reinforcement of Acute Right Ventricular Dysfunction Current Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ of Virginia
Drake, J., 2014AMPK in Exercise-induced Mitophagy Current Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ of Virginia
 PhD, Colorado State University   
 (Yan-Cardiovascular Medicine/ Exercise Physiology)    
Durgin, B., 2010 BA, Rutgers University (Connelly/Owens-Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)Role of Col15a1 in smooth muscle cell phenotypic modulation and atherosclerosis Graduate student, Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Earnest, B., 2012 BS, Univ of Maryland-Baltimore County (Helmke-Biomedical Engineering)Endothelialization of endovascular coils by manipulation of coil design, clot density and hemodynamics Graduate student, Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Estrada, A., 2013 BS, Rice University (Holmes, Biomedical Engineering)Developing mathematical models of heart growth and remodeling in response to changes in mechanical load Graduate student, University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA
Evans (Neubrander), R., 2005 BS, Oregon State Univ, (Helmke-Biomedical Engineering)Extracellular Matrix Control of Flow-Induced Structural DynamicsPhD (2012)Biomedical Engineer, FDA, Washington DC
Feaver, R., 2005 BS, Duke Univ, (Blackman-Biomedical Engineering)Hemodynamic Regulation of Endothelial Inflammation and ER Stress: A Role for Shear Stress Frequency and MagnitudePhD (2010)Scientific Director - Vascular Systems, Hemoshear, Charlottesville VA
Fielden, S., 2006 BS, Georgia Institute of Tech, (Meyer-Biomedical Engineering)Improving fluorine MRI for cellular imaging of monocyte infiltration of the heart after myocardial infarctionPhD (2013)Post-doctoral Fellow, Univ of Virginia
   (AHA predoctoral fellowship)—changed project and working with 3 additional mentors as a post-doctoral fellow (AHA postdoctoral fellowship, see Table 12B)
Fielden, S., 2013 PhD, University of Virginia, (Meyer-Biomedical Engineering)Improving fluorine MRI for cellular imaging of monocyte infiltration of the heart after myocardial infarction Post-doctoral Fellow, Univ of Virginia
   (AHA predoctoral fellowship, changed project and working with 3 additional mentors as a post-doctoral fellow; AHA postdoctoral fellowship)
Flower, A., 1999 BS, William & Mary, (Moorman-Biophysics)An Investigation of Decelerations in the Neonatal Heart RatePhD (2008)Lecturer, Systems and Information Engineering, Univ of Virginia
Forrest, S., 1999 BS, Univ of Calgary, (McNamara-Pharmacology)Role of the ID family of helix-loop-helix transcription factors in vascular lesion formationPhD (2004)Vice President, Business Development, Scripps Res Institute, La Jolla CA
Franke, A., 2005 PhD, Thomas Jefferson Univ, (Somlyo-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Smooth Muscle Contractility, Cell Migration, and the Development of the Coronary Vasculature in the Absence of Myosin Light Chain Kinase Director of Analytics at Brain Surgery Worldwide, Inc (Charlottesville, VA)
Garvey, S., 2007 PhD, Duke Univ, (Wamhoff-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Calcineurin-dependent regulation of vascular smooth muscle phenotype Senior Scientist, Abbott Nutrition R&D-Global Discovery (APS postdoctoral fellow)
Gelfand, B., 2004 BSE, University of Iowa, (Blackman-Biomedical Engineering)Distinct Endothelial Cell Adaptation to physiology derived shear stress patternsPhD (2009)Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Good, M., 2014 PhD, University of Arizona (Isakson-Physiology)Role of pannexins in vascular function Current Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ of Virginia
Gray, S., 2011 MS, The Pennsylvania State University (E. Barrett-Pharmacology)Pathways of Insulin Transport across the Blood-Brain Barrier Graduate student, Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Greene, N., 2010 PhD, Texas A&M Univ, (Yan-Cardiovascular Medicine)Influence of Lipid Overload on Development of Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance, Attenuation by Exercise Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
   Health, Human Performance and Recreation, University of Arkansas (NIH F32-NIDDK)
Griffith, S., 2010 BS, Schreiner University (Owens- Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics)The Role of H3K4me2 in Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotypic Switching Graduate student, Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Griffiths, R., 2009 PhD, Virginia Commonwealth Univ, (Leitinger-Pharmacology)Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-Like 2 are Associated with Increased Markers of Subclinical Atherosclerosis Medical Writer/ Copywriter, Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc.
Haggart, C., 2010 PhD, Columbia Univ, (Saucerman/Papin-Biomedical Engineering)Systems modeling of overload- and heart failure-associated changes in myocardial metabolism FDA Commissioner’s Fellow, DC
Hahn, C.~, 2001 BS, Univ of NC-Chapel Hill, (Schwartz-Microbiology Biological Engineering)JNK activation and shear stressPhD (2008), MD (2010)Post-Doc Fellow- Pulmonary Critical Care Program at UNC-Chapel Hill
Harmon, D., 2007 BS, Rice University, (McNamara-Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics) Protective role for B-1b B cells and natural IgM antibodies in obesityPhD (2014)Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Harris, R.,2002 BS, Wake Forest Univ, (French-Molecular Medicine)Nitrosative Stress and Adverse Remodeling Following Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion InjuryPhD (2011)Entrepreneur, Virginia Beach VA
Haskins, R., 2012 BS, Case Western Reserve University (Owens-Pathology)Perivascular cells role in the regeneration of tissues after injury Graduate student, Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Hastings (Dinola), N., 2004 BS, NC State Univ, (Blackman-Biomedical Engineering)Atherosclerosis-Prone Hemodynamics Promote Phenotypic Modulation of Human Endothelial and Smooth Muscle CellsPhD (2008)Vice President of Operations, HemoShear, Charlottesville VA
Hazarika, S., 1998 MBBS, Assum Med Coll, 2005 PhD, East Carolina Univ, (Annex-Cardiovascular Medicine)MicroRNA-93 Controls Perfusion Recovery Following Hind-Limb Ischemia by Modulating Expression of Multiple Genes in the Cell Cycle Pathway.  Clinical Fellow, University of Virginia
Heberlein (Henry), K., 2007 BS, Elizabethtown College, (Isakson-Molecular Physiology & Biophysics)Localization and function of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 mRNA binding proteins to the myoendothelial junctionMS (2009), PhD (2011)Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
Helm, P., 2005 PhD, Johns Hopkins Univ, (Epstein-Radiology and Biomedical Engineering)Progression of cardiac dys-synchrony of a mouse model of reperfused myocardial infarction (MI) Principal Scientist, Medtronic Navigation, Littleton MA
Heuslein, J., 2011 BS, BS, Carnegie Mellon (Price-Biomedical Engineering)Mechanotransductive mechanisms of amplified arteriogenesis: the role of shear stress direction and DNA methylation  Graduate student, Univ of Virginia (NSF predoctoral fellowship)
Hoffman, B., 2006 PhD, Univ of Pennsylvania, (Schwartz-Microbiology)Development of a Genetically Encoded, FRET-based Molecular Asst Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Cardiovascular Research Center, Cell Biology, Duke University (AHA postdoctoral fellow)
 Tension Sensor  
Hoofnagle, M.~, 1999 BS, Bucknell Univ, (Owens-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)The Role of HAND and Capsulin bHLH Transcription Factors in Smooth Muscle Differentiation and Phenotypic ModulationPhD (2007), MD (2009)Senior Resident, Univ of Maryland, Baltimore MD
Huang, C., 2009 BS, Purdue University, (Botchwey-Biomedical Engineering)Local delivery of sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor targeted drugs for enhancement of massive bone allograft integrationMS (2012)Doctor of Physical Therapy Student, University of Colorado, Denver CO
Johnson, K., 2010 PhD, Arizona State Univ, (Meyer-Biomedical Engineering)MR coronary artery imaging, myocardial perfusion imaging, Software Engineer, HeartVista
 and quantitative perfusion MRI of peripheral arterial disease  
Kelly-Goss, M., 2014 MS, Tulane University (Peirce-Cottler, Biomedical Engineering)Endothelial and Pericyte Identity as a Function of Flow in an Adult Angiogenic Network In training, Graduate student, Univ of Virginia
Kennedy, M., 2010 PhD, Cornell University (Hu/Peirce-Cottler-Biomedical Engineering)Combined Photoacoustic and Fluorescence Microscopy for In Vivo Microvascular Studies Engineer at the Babcock & Wilcox Company
Lansey, M., 2005 BS, Univ of Maryland-Eastern Shore, (Keller-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)The Role of AS160 in GLUT4 Trafficking in Primary AdiocytesPhD (2011)Teacher, Biology, Oakland Mills High School, Columbia, MD
Lappas, C., 2000 BS, Univ of Richmond, (Linden-Molecular Pharmacology)The Modulation of CD4+T Lymphocyte Activity by Adenosine A2A Receptor ActivationMS (2003), PhD (2006)Associate Professor of Biology, Lebanon Valley College, Lebanon PA (Postdoctoral Intramural Research Training Award
   NIH/NIAID, 2006-2008)
Lee, M., 2006 BS, Univ of Virginia, (Wamhoff-Biomedical Engineering)The role of DSCR1 in NFAT-mediated vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic modulationME (2007), PhD (2011)Postdoctoral Fellow, Pharmacology, Yale University, New Haven CT (F32 NIH/NHLBI 2013-2016)
Lohman, A., 2010 BS, Univ of Missouri-Columbia, (Isakson-Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)Function and Regulation of Pannexin 1 Channels in the Vascular EndotheliumPhD (2014)Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Calgary, (AHA predoctoral fellowship), Alberta Canada
Mac Gabhann, F., 2006 PhD, Johns Hopkins Univ, (Peirce-Cottler-Biomedical Engineering)Collateral capillary arteriolization in skeletal muscle of different mouse strains, and the impact of matrix-bound VEGF on endothelial cell activation Asst Prof, Biomedical Engineering and Institute for Computational Med, Johns Hopkins, (NIH K99, Sloan Res Fellow, NIH Pathway to Independence Award, APS Award for Excellence in Integrative Phys, Microcirculatory Society Krogh Young Investigator Award)
Martin, K., 2009 BS, Drexel University, (Peirce-Cottler -Biomedical Engineering)Computaitonal simulations of skeletal muscle remodeling Graduate student, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
McDonald, O.~, 2000 BS, Univ of Tennessee-Martin, (Owens-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Epigenetic control of SRF binding to CArG box chromatin regulates smooth muscle gene expression in vivoPhD (2005), MD (2007)GI Pathology Residency Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
Mead, B., 2009 BS, University of Pittsburgh (Price-Biomedical Engineering)Focused Ultrasound Mediated Localized Delivery of Non-Viral Nanoparticle Gene Vectors into the Rat Brain In training, Graduate student, Univ of Virginia
Meisner, J.,~ 2006 MS, Texas A&M (Price-Biomedical Engineering)Toward Functional Revascularization: Regulation of Vascular Network Remodeling Through Altered HemodynamicsPhD (2014)Medical Student, University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA (AHA PreDoc Fellowship)
Mills, L., 2007 BS, Centenary College of Louisiana (Connelly-Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology)Epigenetics of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell PhenotypesPhD (2013)RISS Informatics Analyst, University of Minnesota, St Paul MN
Mistry, D., 1985/2004 MD, MS, ATC, Univ of Madris-India, (Moorman-Pediatric Cardiology)Cardiomyocite isolation using langendorff technighue, single cardiomyocyte voltage and patch clamping, patch and whole cell recording of myocyte ionic currents Physician- Western Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Visiting Associate Professor-Dept of Physical Med & Rehab, Associate Adjunct-Dept of Med, Co-Med Director-Athletics Dept, Consultant Team Physician-USA Swimming, Primary Care Team Physician-Athletics Dept, Univ of Virginia
Mitchell, K., 1999 BS, Liberty Univ, (Szabo- Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)Role of NDP kinase on cilia assembly and disassemblyPhD (2008)Assistant Professor, General Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Cell Biology Liberty Univ, Lynchburg VA
Moehle, C., 2004 BS, Univ of Florida, (Owens while on training grant, currently Gorav Ailawadi –Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)Non-invasive delivery of doxycycline to AAAs inhibits AAA progression via reduced neutrophil chemotaxisPhD (2012)Associate Director, National
   Robotics Engineering Center, Pittsburg PA
Morris, M., 2002 PhD, Univ of Texas Southwestern University Medical, (Ley-Immunology)Mechanism by which FTY720 works in a model of type 1 diabetes, looking at T cell trafficking in particular Res Asst Prof, Eastern VA Med School, Norfolk VA (R01, Co-investigator)
Morris-Rosenfeld, S.,~ 2007 BA, Whitman College (McNamara-Pathology)The contribution of B-1b cells to atherosclerosis In training, MSTP student, Univ of Virginia
Moyer, C., 2005 BSE, Duke University, (Holmes-Biomedical Engineering)Mechanical Function of the Left AtriumPhD (2013)Bio-design Fellow, Stanford University, (AHA predoctoral fellowship), Stanford CA
Nagelin (Hatley), M., 2002 BS, Washington & Lee Univ, (Hedrick-Molecular Medicine)Role of 12/15-lipoxygenase in macrophage ABCG1-mediated cholesterol effluxPhD (2009)Scientific Review Officer, Office of Scientific, Review/DERA, NHLBI
Neppl, R., 2000 MS, Marquette Univ, (Somlyo, Avril and Andrew-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Regulatory Pathways Modulating Smooth Muscle Contractility and DifferentiationMS (2000), PhD (2008)Cardiology Res Fellow, Children’s Hospital of Boston and Harvard, Boston MA
Nguyen, A., 2011 PhD, Univ of North Carolina, (Owens-Molecular Phys and Biological Physics)The role of vascular smooth muscle cells in cardiac remodeling after Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh (AHA postdoctoral fellow)
 myocardial infarction  
O’Neill, T.~, 1999 BS, Dartmouth Coll, (Skalak-Biomedical Engineering)Bone Marrow Derived Cells Mediate Hypoxia-Angiogenesis and Arteriogenesis through a Paracrine Mechanism but not Via TransdifferentiationPhD (2006), MD (2007)Cardiology Research Fellowship, Univ of NC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill NC (T32 Cardiology Clinician Scientist Training Grant)
Olson, T.~, 1999 BS, Rice Univ, (Ley-Biomedical Engineering)Lymphocyte and Epithelial Studied in the Samp1/Yitfc Murine Ileitis Model Contributions to Chrohn's DiseasePhD (2004), MD (2006)Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Penn, Philadelphia PA (1K08HL NIH/NHLBI 2014-2018)
Perlegas, D., 1998 BS, Univ of NC-Chapel Hill, (Owens-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Homeobox Genes Play an Important Role in Smooth Muscle Cell DevelopmentPhD (2008)Lecturer Longwood University, Famville VA
Peterson, A., 2013 PhD, University of Virginia (Annex-Cardiovascular Medicine)Effects of MicroRNA-93 on phenotypic changes in cells modeling aspects of peripheral artery disease in-vitro Current Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ of Virginia
Pickard, J., 2005 MSEE Univ of Virginia, (Ley-Biomedical Engineering)Fluid shear stress acting on rolling leukocytesPhD (2008)Senior Developer, IT at Merkle/RKG, Charlottesville VA
Piras, B., 2006 BBME, Univ of Minnesota, (French-Biomedical Engineering)Left ventricular remodeling after reperfused myocardial infarction can be attenuated by using recombinant adeno-associated viral therapy to express siRNA against iNOSPhD (2013)Senior Scientist II - Process Development, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis TN
Ramchandran, R., 2010 BS, BS, Johns Hopkins University (Epsetin-Biomedical Engineering)Development of a method to study the role of different macrophage subsets during post-myocardial infarction (MI) infarct healing in a mouse model using targeted cellular imaging agentsMS (2013)Independent Contractor at AJE - American Journal Experts, Durham, NC
Rao, V., 2002 BA & BAS, Univ of Pennsylvania, (Guilford-Biomedical Engineering)The effects of tropomyosin phosphorylation in modulating striated muscle contractionPhD (2009)Associate Consultant, Campbell Alliance, New York City, NY
Richardson, W., 2012 PhD, Texas A&M, (Holmes-BME)Mechanical Regulation of Fibroblast-mediated Collagen Remodeling in a Healing Myocardial Infarct Research Associate, Univ of Virginia (AHA postdoctoral fellow)
Rickel, R., 2013, B.S.E, M.S.E. University of Michigan (Hossack –Biomedical Engineering)Development of a Sonothrombolysis Catheter featuring an Integrated Micro Coulter Particle Counter and Automated Control In training, Graduate student, Univ of Virginia
Rusin, C., 2009 PhD, Univ of Virginia, (Moorman-Cardiovascular Medicine)Predicting apnea of prematurity in neonatal infants using nonlinear time series analysis of cardio-respiratory synchronization Asst Prof, Pediatrics, Baylor Coll of Medicine, Houston TX
Ryall, K., 2009 BSE, University of Pennsylvania, (Saucerman-Biomedical Engineering)Systems analysis of the cardiac hypertrophy signaling networkPhD (2014)Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Colorado (AHA predoctoral fellowship), Denver CO
Rychak, J., 2000 BS, Univ of Virginia, (Ley-Biomedical Engineering)Lessons from Leukocytes: Engineering Efficient Retention of Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Agents for Molecular ImagingPhD (2005)VP for R&D, Targeson and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, Univ of California-San Diego (R43 NIH/NCI 2014 and R44 NIH/NHLBI 2011-2015)
Salmon, M., 2008 PhD, Virginia Commonwelth Univ, (Owens-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)The Role of Zinc-Finger Transcription Factors in Vascular Smooth Muscle Development, Injury and Disease Instructor of Research in Surgery, Univ of Virginia (AHA postdoctoral fellow)
Shankman, L., 2007 BS, University of Delaware, (Owens-Molecular Physiology & Biophysics)Identification of Macrophage-Like Smooth Muscle Cells Using Novel Smooth Muscle Cell Lineage Tracing ModelsMS (2009), PhD (2014)Postdoctoral Fellow (see Table 12B), Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Shankman, L., 2014 PhD, University of Virginia (Ravichandran- Microbiology)Development of in vivo models to track apoptosis and phagocytosis in models of inflammatory disease Current Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ of Virginia
Simmers, M., 2005 BS, Univ of Virginia, (Blackman-Biomedical Engineering)Hemodynamic Regulation of Endothelial Permeability and MigrationPhD (2010)Scientific Director – Research and Innovation, HemoShear, Charlottesville VA
Sipe, L., 2011 BA, St. Mary’s College of Maryland (Leitinger-Pharmacology)The regulation of sympathetic drive to adipose tissue in response to dietary weight lossMS (2014)Graduate student (moved labs and to Biology), University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA
 (current in the laboratory of Dr. Deppmann, UVA Biology)  
Smith, S., 2005 MD, Univ of North Carolina, (French-Biomedical Engineering)Effects of Hyperglycemia in Acute MIMS (2014)Chief Resident, Vascular Surgery, Duke University and Graduate Student, Univ of Virginia
Stockton, R., 2002 PhD, U. Mass at Amherst, (Schwartz-Microbiology)Novel role for PAK (p21-activated kinase) in endothelial barrier function Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Principal Investigator of the UCLA Brain Research Institute & UCLA-Clinical and Translational Research Institute, Univ of California-Los Angeles (P01, K01)
Straub, A., 2008 PhD, Univ of Pittsburgh, (Isakson-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Mechanisms of compartmentalized nitric oxide signaling at the myoendothelial junction  Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, University of Pittsburgh (NIH F32)
Taylor, A., 2003 BS, Univ of California, (Skalak-Biomedical Engineering)Vascular and Molecular EngineeringPhD (2010)Lecturer of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle WA
Thorne, B.~, 2003 BS, Virginia Tech, (Peirce-Cottler-Biomedical Engineering)Development and Validation of an Agent-Based Computational Model of Leukocyte TraffickingPhD- 2011MSTP Student, PhD Biomedical Engineering Complete, Univ of Virginia
Timbie, K., 2010 BS, Clarkson University (Price-Biomedical Engineering)Image guided delivery of nanoparticles across the blood-brain barrier using focused ultrasound In training, Graduate student, Univ of Virginia
Wallace, K.~, 2002 BS, Arizona State Univ, (Linden- Microbiology, Immunology, and Infectious Disease)The Role of iNKT cells and Adenosine A2A Receptor Activation in the Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Dysfunction in Sickle Cell DiseasePhD (2009), MD (2011)Associate Medical Director Gastroenterology/ Immunology AbbVie, Chicago IL
Walpole, J.,~ 2007 BS, Boston University (Peirce-Cottler-Biomedical Engineering)The role of pericytes in sprouting angiogenesis: experimental and computational approaches MD/PhD Student, University of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship), Charlottesville VA
Wenker, I., 2014, PhD, University of Connecticut (Guyenet-Neuroscience)Brainstem control of blood pressure in conscious rodents Current Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ of Virginia
Williams, S., 2010 PhD, Virginia Commonwealth Univ, (Sale & Worrall-Molecular, Genetic, & Genomics)Genetics of One-Carbon Metabolism in Stroke Research Associate, Univ of Virginia
Wilson, R., 2011 BS, Virginia Polytechnic and State Institution (Yan-Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics)S-nitrosylation protects against ischemia-reperfusion injury in skeletal muscle Graduate student, Univ of Virginia (AHA predoctoral fellowship)
Woldeyesus, H.,2003 BS, California State Univ, (Epstein-Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)Measuring Perfusion in Calf Muscle Using MRI Arterial Spin Labeling with Spiral AcquisitionMS (2007)Systems Engineer, Cisco, Washington DC
Woo, L., 2013, BS Johns Hopkins University (Saucerman - BME)Reconstructing the Signaling Network of Cardiac Myocyte Proliferation In training, Graduate student, Univ of Virginia
Yao, J., 2002 PhD, Univ of Nebraska, (Barrett-Pharmacology)CaMKII modulation of Ca channels Instructor, Dept of Pharmacology, Univ of Virginia (AHA postdoctoral fellow)
Zeigler A.~, 2013, BS Furman University (Saucerman/BME)Modeling Fibroblast Signaling to Predict Context-Dependent Modulators of Cardiac Fibrosis In training, Graduate student, Univ of Virginia