Training Program News

Wagner Fellowships awarded!
Current CVTG trainees Tyler Basting (Guyenet lab) and Molly Kelly-Goss (Peirce-Cottler lab) were named 2015 Wagner Fellows! Congratulations Molly and Tyler!

Recent Awards and Grants
Tyler Basting, grad student in the Guyenet lab and currently on the CVTG won the 2015 Van Harreveld Memorial Award - Central Nervous System section of the American Physiological Society on how hypoxia silences the retrotrapezoid nucleus, a paper he recently published.

Sarah Gray, former CVTG grad student in the Gene Barrett lab, has been awarded an NRSA.

Ian Wenker, current CVTG postdoc in the Guyenet lab, has been awarded an NRSA-F32 and an AHA postdoctoral fellowship.

Tyler Basting has been awarded an AHA predoctoral fellowship, and Josh Butcher (current CVTG postdoc in the Isakson lab) has been awarded an AHA

Alexis Peterson, current CVTG postdoc in the Annex lab, will begin a special fellowship as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer at the CDC in July.

Current PhD student Leon DeLalio (Pharmacology, Isakson lab) won first place for best oral presentation among over 70 talks from graduate students and post-docs at the International Pannexin/Connexin Meeting in Chile last week. In addition, previous PhD student Alex Lohman (Physiology, Isakson lab) won second place for best oral presentation.

Tyler Basting, a current PhD (Neuroscience) CVTG trainee in the Guyenet lab, won the 2015 Van Harreveld Memorial Award - Central Nervous System section of the American Physiological Society on how hypoxia silences the retrotrapezoid nucleus (a paper he recently published).

Huge congrats to all and way to represent the CVTG!

Congratulations to our 2014 Berne Outstanding Trainees
It is my great pleasure to announce Garrett Mullins and Dr. Laura Shankman as the winners of the 2014 Robert M. Berne CVRC Outstanding Trainee Awards.

Garrett Mullins is a Pharmacology graduate student in the Harris laboratory, who will graduate in just under four years in May 2015. In this short time, he has received an American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship and a number of awards (Robert Haynes Best Predoctoral Talk 2013 and 2014, AACC, Jefferson Trust Big Data, South Eastern Lipid Research Conference, and Society for Young Clinical Laboratorians). Garrett has also published four papers, including a first author paper from his study of the ability of an unknown product of lipolysis to cause mTOR complex dissociation in adipocytes and thus inhibit insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA in December of 2014. Among the many glowing comments from faculty on his character, work ethic, leadership, service activities, and other accomplishments, Dr. Thurl Harris notes:

Thanks to the consideration of the Pharmacology department chair, Garrett’s paper was brought to the attention of the university and local news and was the subject of a brief televised segment on NBC29. Garrett’s work has made an important contribution to our understanding of how catabolic signaling can interfere with anabolic processes such as insulin signaling in adipocytes. Furthermore his findings in an ex vivo model of isolated adipocytes have led our laboratory to further important discoveries in whole animal models that have validated his in vitro work and demonstrated that activation of catabolic signaling in adipose tissue can not only inhibit insulin signaling in adipocytes but can impact whole body insulin signaling and induce hyperglycemia.

Laura Shankman completed her PhD in Physiology under Dr. Gary K. Owens in May of 2014 and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Ravichandran lab. Laura has been a predoctoral fellow and is currently a postdoctoral fellow on the Cardiovascular Research Training Grant. Laura has publications in Circulation Research, Nature Methods (co-first author), a manuscript in review at Nature Medicine, and a forthcoming first-authored Nature Medicine paper. Laura has developed a completely novel lineage tracing mouse to track smooth muscle cell pluripotency. Of major interest, she has shown that cholesterol loading of cultured SMC results in Klf4-dependent activation of macrophage genes as well as phagocytosis. In addition to her productivity and contributions, faculty praise her ambition, creativity, and meticulosity.

We are fortunate to have them as trainees, and they provide great role models for all of our students and fellows.

Please join me in extending congratulations to Garrett and Laura, as well as their mentors, for winning this prestigious award. They will each be recognized with a certificate

Jarrod Call receives Asst. Professor position at the Unviersity of Georgia
Dr. Jarrod Call has accepted an offer for a tenure-track assistant professor position at the University of Georgia. The search committee unanimously selected him for this position. Congratulations, Jarrod!!

Record percent of AHA applications funded!
WOW! Way to go CVTG trainees! NINE of ELEVEN (82%) applications were funded by the American Heart Association. We secured one-third of all funded (27) AHA grants in the mid-Atlantic region (Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina)!

Congratulations to Samantha Adamson (Leitinger lab), Tyler Basting (Guyenet lab), Lauren Biwer (Isakson lab), Brittany Durgin (Connelly/Owens lab), Brittany Earnest (Helmke lab), Sarah Gray (E. Barrett lab), Ryan Haskins (Owens lab), Becky Wilson (Yan lab), and Will Richardson, Ph.D. (Holmes lab)!

Congratulations also to Rhianna Laker, Ph.D. a post-doc in the Yan lab, who also received an AHA!

Congratulations to Aaron Franke PhD on his new position!
Congratulations to former CVTG postdoctoral fellow, Aaron Franke, PhD (Research Scientist, Somlyo lab), on his new position as Director of Analytics for Brainsurgery Inc (!

2013 Robert M. Berne CVRC Outstanding Trainee Awards!
It is my great pleasure to announce Alex Lohman and Dr. Rhianna Laker as the winners of the 2013 Robert M. Berne CVRC Outstanding Trainee Awards.

Alex Lohman, a fourth year Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics graduate student in the Isakson laboratory, who will graduate in just under four years in June 2014. Alex was on the CVTG his 2nd year of graduate school before receiving an AHA predoctoral award. In that short time, Alex has been extremely productive with >11 publications. He is already co-author on seven papers (and counting) in high-impact journals. (Circ Res; Nature; Pharmacological Reviews; Channels). In the Circ Res paper, one of Alex’s SEM images made the cover for July 2011. Alex has four published first author publications (J Vasc Res, J Biol Chem, Cardiovascular Research, FEBS Letters) with the final and most substantial manuscript in preparation. Alex has also been awarded the

Stephen Williams, Ph.D. former CV Training Grant standout featured on NBC, CBS, and Fox!
Stephen Williams, Ph.D. former CV Training Grant standout, has been featured in an exciting article published by UVAToday and has even been featured on NBC, CBS, and Fox over the past few days!
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