Mentors by Department

We have assembled a group of 49 mentors, from 5 focus areas and 3 divisions in the School of Medicine. All are committed to training young investigators interested in the study of the heart and vasculature. Mentors are grouped according to their research focus. Click the mentors for descriptions of their research.
W - links to a faculty member's lab or personal website

Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Mike McConnell, PhD - W

Biomedical Engineering

Fred Epstein, PhD - W
Brent French, PhD - W
William Guilford, PhD - W
Brian Helmke, PhD - W
Jeffrey Holmes, MD, PhD - W
John Hossack, PhD - W
Song Hu, PhD - W
Kevin Janes, PhD - W
Kimberly Kelly, PhD - W
Michael Lawrence, PhD - W
Craig Meyer, PhD - W
Jason Papin, PhD - W
Shayn Peirce-Cottler, PhD - W
Richard Price, PhD - W
Jeff Saucerman, PhD - W

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Eugene Barrett, MD, PhD - W
Robert Carey, MD - W
Craig Nunemaker, PhD - W
Helmy Siragy, MD - W

Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine

Brian Annex, MD - W
Christopher Kramer, MD - W
Coleen McNamara, MD - W
Randall Moorman, MD - W
Michele Sale, MD - W
Zhen Yan, PhD - W


Victor Engelhard, PhD - W
Kodi Ravichandran, PhD - W

Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics

Brant Isakson, PhD - W
Gary Owens, PhD - W
Avril Somlyo, PhD - W
Mark Yeager, MD, PhD - W


Mark Okusa, MD - W


Paul Yates, MD, PhD - W


Thomas Braciale, MD, PhD - W
Kenneth Tung, MD - W


Ariel Gomez, MD - W


Paula Barrett, PhD - W
Patrice Guyenet, PhD - W
Thurl Harris, PhD - W
Mark Kester, PhD - W
Norbert Leitinger, PhD - W
Kevin Lynch, PhD - W
Ira Schulman, PhD - W

Public Health Sciences Admin

Steve Rich, PhD - W


Bijoy Kundu, PhD - W


Gorav Ailawadi, MD - W
Victor Laubach, PhD - W
Gib Upchurch, MD - W